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  • Satz von Bing-Nagata-Smirnow — Der Satz von Bing Nagata Smirnow (nach R. H. Bing, J. Nagata und J. M. Smirnow) ist ein Satz aus dem mathematischen Teilgebiet der Topologie, der diejenigen topologischen Räume charakterisiert, deren Topologie durch eine Metrik definiert werden… …   Deutsch Wikipedia

  • Mathematics — Maths and Math redirect here. For other uses see Mathematics (disambiguation) and Math (disambiguation). Euclid, Greek mathematician, 3r …   Wikipedia

  • Open set — Example: The points (x, y) satisfying x2 + y2 = r2 are colored blue. The points (x, y) satisfying x2 + y2 < r2 are colored red. The red points form an open set. The blue points form a closed set. The union of the red and blue points is a… …   Wikipedia

  • Sierpiński space — In mathematics, Sierpiński space (or the connected two point set) is a finite topological space with two points, only one of which is closed.It is the smallest example of a topological space which is neither trivial nor discrete. It is named… …   Wikipedia

  • Second-countable space — In topology, a second countable space, also called a completely separable space, is a topological space satisfying the second axiom of countability. A space is said to be second countable if its topology has a countable base. More explicitly,… …   Wikipedia

  • Box topology — In topology, the cartesian product of topological spaces can be given several different topologies. The canonical one is the product topology, because it fits rather nicely with the categorical notion of a product. Another possibility is the box… …   Wikipedia

  • RH Bing — (October 20, 1914 April 28, 1986) was an influential American mathematician. He worked mainly in the area of topology, where he made many important contributions. His influence can be seen through the number of mathematicians that can trace their …   Wikipedia

  • Topological property — In topology and related areas of mathematics a topological property or topological invariant is a property of a topological space which is invariant under homeomorphisms. That is, a property of spaces is a topological property if whenever a space …   Wikipedia

  • Topological manifold — In mathematics, a topological manifold is a Hausdorff topological space which looks locally like Euclidean space in a sense defined below. Topological manifolds form an important class of topological spaces with applications throughout… …   Wikipedia

  • Rigid analytic space — In mathematics, a rigid analytic space is an analogue of a complex analytic space over a nonarchimedean field. They were introduced by John Tate in 1962, as an outgrowth of his work on uniformizing p adic elliptic curves with bad reduction using… …   Wikipedia

  • Hing Tong — (February 16, 1922 – March 4, 2007) was a leading American mathematician. He is well known for providing the original proof of the Katetov Tong insertion theorem.LifeHing Tong was born in Canton, China. He received his bachelor s degree from the… …   Wikipedia

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